Sri Rajeswari Fireworks, a partnership firm established by one of the partner namely G.Kathiresan, factory at Maraneri Village, Sivakasi since 1979.


Initially, only 10 working shed was constructed and nearly 50 workers are got benefited by that job. The partner namely G.Kathiresan was a reputed representative on that date in Market and doing their business activities in a good manner by providing their quality product in market namely Duck Brand for the fireworks manufacturing activities.


Their production activities are tune up and they enhance the number of working shed in the factory premises nearly 80 working shed and 450 workers are got benefited by that job in that factory.


During 2004, one additional unit namely Sri Rajeswari Fireworks Unit No.II,

constructing nearly 25 working shed and 50 workers are get benefited by that job and stage by stage the growth of business activities the partners are compelled to construct another factory premises namely Sri Rajeswari Pyrotechnics, at Maraneri Village during 2006 by constructing nearly 70 working shed and additionally 150 workers are get benefited by that new unit.


Now they constructed fourth unit namely Sri Rajeswari Fireworks, at Nathikudi Village by constructing 30 working shed and nearly 50 workers are additionally benefited for their job.


Now both partners are well established their product by their Brand namely Duck Brand in the market.


The Sales turnover was increases periodically from 1980 and the Sales Tax paid by the concern to the State Government increased periodically.


During the year 1987 the fireworks commodities are covered under Central Excise Duty Circle and the partners are paid Excise Duty from 1987 to the Government of India. The

Excise Duty payment the Central Government of India is increased periodically.


For the well & well growth of business activities, the Income Tax paid by the partners to the Government of India increased periodically.


The production activities are increased by their skillful workers and the contribution of EPF & ESI share of their organizer sum also increased for the benefit of workers.


The good quality of fireworks manufacturing activities, since 1979 the coverage of market in all over India increased by their organiser under the same Brand Duck Brand. The major marketing areas are Delhi, Haryana, Uttarpradesh, Bihar, Maharastra, Jarkhand & Punjab.

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